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Middle School Civics Program
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MCBF Civics Program for Middle School

In the spring of 2018 the Middlesex County Bar Foundation offered a civics class to the 5th Grade Students in Perth Amboy at the William C. McGinnis, Shull and Dual Language Schools. The classes were an after school activity that was held once a week for five weeks.  Middlesex County attorneys volunteered to teach the class.


The purpose of the civics class was to give the students some information about the US government in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.  Law-related education is one of the main purposes of the foundation and what better way than starting with the youth of Middlesex County.

The students were taught fun facts about the U.S., Perth Amboy, the rights and duties of a citizen, the electoral college and the three branches of government. There was also a lesson on the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution with a focus on the bill of rights.  The class culminated in a celebration with a guest Judge, certificates for each student and pizza.  Everyone involved really enjoyed the program.

We hope to continue the program in the spring of 2019.

2018 Volunteers included:

Dalya Youssef, Esq., Program Chair
Hon. Alberto Rivas, AJSC
Hon. Pedro Jimenez, Jr., JSC
Hon. Dennis Nieves, JSC
David B. Greenfield, Esq.
William C. Miller, Esq.

Paul Brandenburg, Esq.
 Jenee Ciccarelli, Esq.
Michael Gildenberg, Esq.
Sandy Rader, Esq.
David Spevack, Esq.

Paula Menar, Esq.
Raul Menar, Esq.
Michelle Roman, Esq.

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