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Hope for the Holidays Families-2018
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This year, the Middlesex County Board of Social Services has identified twenty (20) individuals/families that we will try to help. These people are all managing with very little and their requests are for the most basic of needs. Here are some of their stories:

Mrs. A is a 59 year old grandmother. She worked all of her adult life but was forced to go out on disability a few years ago. She has taken her three grandchildren in to her home as their parents are dealing with substance abuse issues and unable to provide a stable home for the children. With her limited income, Mrs. A. has tried to provide a home, but she and her grandchildren have been evicted and are now homeless.  She has applied for TANF and SNAP/Food Stamps for the children. With this additional income from TANF, Mrs. A is looking for an apartment to be able to create a home for her grandchildren and provide them with stability to grow and thrive.

Ms. C provided care for her husband during his battle with cancer. She buried him two years ago. Since his passing, she has struggled to support herself since her husband provided the household income. She applied for General Assistance but has been unable to maintain housing. Earlier this year, she was diagnosed with a debilitating condition making employment impossible. Emergency Assistance is providing help with housing while she undergoes treatment to stabilize her condition and her SSI application is pending. She will also pursue subsidized housing for the disabled.

Ms. B lived in foster care since the age of 10 after her parents died in an accident. During her foster care years, she lived from home to home and then in a group home. Since living conditions were less than ideal, she ran away from the group home at age 16 and lived on the streets, doing what she could to survive. Now 19 years of age, she is tired of street life and has applied for General Assistance and Emergency Assistance in order to get her life in order and to be able to pursue an education and training to become self-sufficient.

Mr. G and Ms. D have lived together for over 20 years. Early in their life together, they both worked. Ms. D lost her job due to unaddressed mental health issues. Mr. G supported them both until he lost his job at age 59 due to the company closing. Mr. G was unable to find another job and they lived on unemployment until he exhausted his benefits. Since August, they have been living in their car and in a tent in the woods. With the recent cold snap, the couple has come in to apply for General Assistance and Emergency Assistance in order to be able to be housed during the winter months and find assistance to finally resolve their homelessness.

VB is an Army Veteran who was homeless for over 20 years. He finally secured subsidized housing, but still struggles to meet his daily expenses. He is unable to work due to physical ailments and suffers from mental illness and PTSD. His only income is his VA benefits of $263/month, while his SSI claim is pending.

B is a single mother of 2 minor children who is only able to work part-time. Her 10 year old daughter suffers from seizures brought on by a brain tumor that she was diagnosed with this year. The daughter is going through chemotherapy.

SM is a single father of 3 children. He came to the agency seeking any help possible. He became sole caretaker when his wife several months ago took her own life due to mental illness. Just prior to this the couple experienced the loss of a 2½ month old child due to SIDS. The oldest child is a special needs child (special education young adult).

JS is a single mother of 2 boys, ages 7 and 5. Her 5 year-old was recently diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer. The client is trying to cope with her own mental health issues while dealing with the devastating diagnosis of her 5 year-old. The 7 year-old’s emotional and developmental needs are being overshadowed by all that is going on around him.

AW is an elderly woman who lives alone and suffers from an illness which causes great pain. She is on a fixed income and cannot make ends meet or afford daily necessities.

We hope that you will again this year join us in our efforts and participate in this drive by making a financial donation.  We sincerely appreciate your partnership with us in this worthwhile program.

Financial donations should received at the bar association office by Friday, December 14th, payable to the Middlesex County Bar Foundation and referencing the 2017 Hope For The Holidays Fund Drive, and can be either brought or sent to:

Jonathan Cowles, Executive Director
Middlesex County Bar Foundation
87 Bayard Street
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901
(732) 828-3433 ext. 102

You can also donate online at Hope for the Holidays Fund Drive.

Please consider participating in this program by making a financial donation to our campaign.

All monies collected will be delivered to the Middlesex County Board of Social Services on December 20th.

With my thanks and warmest wishes for this holiday season and the coming year, I remain

Very truly yours,

John Sawicki

John S. Sawicki, Esq.
Past President 2006-07
Middlesex County Bar Association

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