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Hope for the Holidays Families-2019
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This year, the Middlesex County Board of Social Services has identified twenty (20) individuals/families that we will try to help. These people are all managing with very little and their requests are for the most basic of needs. Here are some of their stories:

SA       A 42-year old, single and blind woman who recently underwent unsuccessful surgery to regain her sight.  She has tried to maintain a positive outlook but her efforts are complicated by her limited income which does not cover her basic daily expenses.

MA       A 60-year old woman was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 rectal cancer.  She had to quit her job and is quickly exhausting her savings.  While she is trying to maintain a hopeful outlook for the future, her reality is far from being hopeful.

JB        A 68-year old man who had to quit his job to undergo chemotherapy for a cancer diagnosis.  The sudden loss of income and the increased medical bills have left him unable to maintain his previously stable living arrangement.

CG       A 40-year old woman, awaiting a heart transplant, has been unable to work since 2008.  Although she is fortunate to live with her mother who helps her physically; financially they are both struggling.

JGR     A 68-year old woman began chemotherapy immediately following her husband’s death in August.  The death of her husband, coupled with the diagnosis of cancer, has left her depressed and hopeless. She lives alone and has no family in the area.

LR        A single, 23-year old woman who lives alone, recently underwent heart surgery, Financially, she is unable to make ends meet and struggles daily with what for us would otherwise be small inconveniences.

CL        A 67-year old homeless woman residing in a motel.  From an early age she has cared for her mother who suffered from dementia.  When her mother died, she could no longer pay the taxes or mortgage on the home and was removed by eviction.  She recently fractured her hip and was also incapacitated for several months due to other medical complications, all making it impossible for her to seek employment.

GM       A single man in his late 50’s, who is a veteran.  He is homeless and has many mental health issues stemming from his military service.  He receives treatment from the Veterans Administration but cannot make ends meet on his very meager income.

PN       A family of six (4 children under age 18) are refugees from the Middle East.  They are trying to adapt to their new life in the United States but are finding the transition difficult.  They are lacking clothing, shoes, and coats.  The children are being bullied and are showing signs of depression.

We hope that you will again this year join us in our efforts and participate in this drive by making a financial donation.  We sincerely appreciate your partnership with us in this worthwhile program.

Financial donations should received at the bar association office by Friday, December 13th, payable to the Middlesex County Bar Foundation and referencing the 2019 Hope For The Holidays Fund Drive, and can be either brought or sent to:

Jonathan Cowles, Executive Director
Middlesex County Bar Foundation
87 Bayard Street
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901
(732) 828-3433 ext. 102

You can also donate online at Hope for the Holidays Fund Drive.

Please consider participating in this program by making a financial donation to our campaign.

All monies collected will be delivered to the Middlesex County Board of Social Services on December 20th.

With my thanks and warmest wishes for this holiday season and the coming year, I remain

Very truly yours,

John Sawicki

John S. Sawicki, Esq.
Past President 2006-07
Middlesex County Bar Association

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