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MCBF Hope for the Holidays Families
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This is a very important year for this effort as the Middlesex County Board of Social Services, in addition to its regular client base, is assisting a large influx of evacuees from Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria.  These are a few of the people, and their circumstances, who have been identified to us this year:

SP  Single 51 year-old female who is a Hurricane Maria evacuee.  She was the sole caretaker of her bedridden mother who was on a ventilator at home.  When the storm hit they lost power and the ventilator stopped working.  Her mother died during the storm and the client was trapped in the storm with her mother’s body for few days.  She does not know where her mother’s body is being kept pending burial.  She left the island on a humanitarian flight with nothing to her name.  She cannot return to Puerto Rico until power returns.  

CR  Single 57 year-old female who is a Hurricane Maria evacuee.  She left Puerto Rico on a humanitarian flight and has nothing to return to on the island.  She was diagnosed with cancer and was receiving treatment at the time of the storm.  She is currently seeking medical treatment.

MS  Family of 3 (grandparents and granddaughter) who are Hurricane Maria evacuees. They had to leave the child’s father behind in Puerto Rico.  Whatever little belongings they could gather were stolen at the airport waiting for the flight out.  They arrived with nothing.  The grandfather is being treated for depression and does not have access to a doctor or his prescriptions.  

LB   Single mother who was working 3 jobs to support herself and put her 19 year-old son through college.  In September 2017 she was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor and had to undergo emergency brain surgery.  She has 2 more surgeries pending and she is now disabled due to her condition and cannot work.  She is currently undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

JA  Single 26 year-old male who is legally blind and who does not know how to read or write braille or use sign language.   He suffers from severe anxiety and cannot work due to his medical and mental health issues.  He is homeless and does not have many belongings.

DD  Single mother of two minor children who lost their home due to a recent fire.  They lost everything.  The children are suffering mental and physical issues from the fire.  The family is attending counseling together.

We hope that you will again this year join us in our efforts and participate in this drive by making a financial donation.  We sincerely appreciate your partnership with us in this worthwhile program.

Financial donations should received at the bar association office by Friday, December 15th, payable to the Middlesex County Bar Foundation and referencing the 2017 Hope For The Holidays Fund Drive, and can be either brought or sent to:

Jonathan Cowles, Executive Director
Middlesex County Bar Foundation
87 Bayard Street
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901
(732) 828-3433 ext. 102

Please consider participating in this program by making a financial donation to our campaign.

All monies collected will be delivered to the Middlesex County Board of Social Services on December 20th.


With my thanks and warmest wishes for this holiday season and the coming year, I remain

Very truly yours,

John Sawicki

John S. Sawicki, Esq.
Past President 2006-07
Middlesex County Bar Association

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