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MCBF Hope for the Holidays
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"Our staff was greeted with tears of joy, big smiles and warm hugs when they made the deliveries. The response, made possible by your donations, was very uplifting . . . " - Angela B. Mackaronis, Director, Middlesex County Board of Social Services (February 14, 2014).

For the 12th consecutive year, the Middlesex County Bar Association and the Middlesex County Bar Foundation have agreed to jointly undertake a holiday project to assist individuals or families in Middlesex County who are in genuine need. As in past years, we are asking that you make a financial donation to this project.

This year, the Middlesex County Board of Social Services has identified six specific families that we will try to help over the holiday season.  These people are all managing with very little and their requests are for the most basic of needs. Click here for their stories.

The amount of your contribution is not as important as your participation. When considering whether to participate in this drive, remember that charity is the first to feel the impact of difficult financial times and that the brunt of this impact first hits these very people we are trying now to help.

Please circulate this notice in your office and encourage participation. Encourage your vendors to participate. Make this effort known to your friends and family.

Financial donations should received at the bar association office by Friday, December 15th, payable to the Middlesex County Bar Foundation and referencing the 2017 Hope For The Holidays Fund Drive, and can be either brought or sent to:

Jonathan Cowles, Executive Director
Middlesex County Bar Foundation
87 Bayard Street
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901
(732) 828-3433 ext. 102

We hope that you will participate in this years campaign in the same spirit that our bar membership and friends have given in the past. Their generosity was and is an example to all of us.

With my thanks and warmest wishes for this holiday season and the coming year, I remain

Very truly yours,

John Sawicki

John S. Sawicki, Esq.
Past President 2006-07
Middlesex County Bar Association

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